Not Quite Challenges

Stories that are either discussion examples for the list or don't
quite answer challenges, but we want to archive them anyway.

Drift Currents by Artisan447 and Farad.
Another piece of the Drifter AU. The first story is Drifter
J/V; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Befriended by the Moon by Farad and Artisan447
More in the Drifter AU, and it is set before the founding story Drifter. The title is from a Crow (Native American Indian) story.
Vin/Chanu; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Fighting Smoke by Farad and Charlotte C. Hill.
First story posted to the list, and used as an example for sending feedback to authors
C/B/V; Skip Trace; FRM